Vacation House by Paly Architects

Designed in 2016 by Paly Architects, this small vacation house is located in Keramoti, Greece.

Description by Paly Architects

Just outside the area Livadia Kissamou, in an arid and wild landscape where the air and the sea have rounded rocks and convert large boulders into pebbles, there, 50m from the sea, a house was built in the place of an existing building- ruin that was there since 1900.

The aim was to integrate it into the landscape, and the adoption of methods of construction of old buildings in the area, so as, in its final form, to achieve an accommodation fully integrated like ‘grew’ from the earth.

The local masonry stones are bearing with wooden headers in frames of natural wood. Inside, it is constituted by an open plan kitchen, dining room, living room and wc, as well as a separate bedroom with bathroom.

Natural materials and traditional elements in earth tones were used. Local stone, unpainted metal, untreated wood, kourasanit, cement in soil color, wicker in shutters, pergolas and fence, tiles of baked clay, wooden planks on the floors.

The landscaping, the planting, the outdoor stone oven, the external kitchen counter, the built-in benches, furniture, fences, etc. supplement the natural continuation of the wider area.

Photography by George Anastassakis

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- by Matt Watts

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