Valley Villa by Studio Arches

Situated just few miles away from Vilnius, Lithuania, this two-story residence was designed in 2016 by Studio Arches.

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Description by Studio Arches

Let yourself be completely enveloped by nature, take delight in its beauty and for a moment, forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Valley Villa, designed by Studio Arches, is located a few kilometres from the city of Vilnius and was conceived with the intention of creating perfect integration between its modern architectural lines and the extraordinary individuality of the surrounding natural environment. With external cladding in Kebony wood and irregular sloping roofs, the residence resides in absolute harmony with the valley in which it stands and the green pines that surround it.

The ground floor, in black shale stone, almost disappears into the natural incline of the valley. The first floor is the only one that is entirely visible, with contours that redefine those found in traditional Lithuanian houses. The use of materials such as wood and glass not only delivers optimum brightness to the interior spaces but also further strengthens the link with the outdoors. Thanks to its large windows and solid dimensions the residence opens out into the valley, echoing its natural morphology.

The ground floor windows are partially covered by vertical wooden slats, which ensure protection from the sun’s rays, whilst at the same time becoming part of the interior decoration. Contours that clearly evoke the shape of tree trunks and that underline, like the entire structure itself, the desire to stand in continuity with the surrounding environment.

These architectural needs are perfectly satisfied by the essential shape of INNOVO series by CEA, chosen to improve the liveability of the bathroom space. Made of stainless steel AISI 316, INNOVO built-in parts simplify construction works. Moreover, the mixer opens from cold water to hot, to guarantee energy saving, and the aerator, provided with flow limiter, ensures water conservation.

Photography courtesy of Studio Arches

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- by Matt Watts