Sunny Apartment by Very Studio | Che Wang Architects

Located in Taichung, Taiwan, this bright minimalist apartment was designed by by Very Studio | Che Wang Architects.

Description by Very Studio | Che Wang Architects

Sunny Apartment is located in Taichung, one of the typical units of Taiwanese housing.

In original plan, light and ventilation of public space were blocked by rooms, only the south has an opening. It was far from the ideal home we expected.

Therefore, we propose three strategies from the essence of living and life:

1. Flowing Space:

A new space order of pentagon was placed into the plan. Then the fluidity and dynamicity of shared space is caused naturally. Oblique walls delimiting the space simultaneously create an extension of the sight and circulation, and the sunshine on it to form the trace of time.

2. Flowing Air:

After integrating the functions with the new pentagonal space order. The opening of north, west and the south sides are released, not only the sunlight is introduced in addition the air flow into the shared space naturally. The quality of space and the comfortability of life are enhanced with the breeze. Definition of Sound: Create sound differences in the space.

3. Sound Fields:

The space is flowing and continuous. We would like to define soft boundaries of the space by sound. Therefore the Dome-form ceilings are placed in each pentagonal spaces to cause the sound of life reflected and concentrated to create several sound fields to define functions of life .And the curved lighting from the gap of dome also creates a rich spatial layers and depth.
In this project, We look forward to create a new living with new order of plan and new pattern of section. All about Light, Air and Sound.

Photography by Studio Millspace, Te-Fan Wang

Very Studio | Che Wang Architects

- by Matt Watts

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