CPW Apartment by Studio PPARK

CPW Apartment is a modern apartment located in the United States designed in 2017 by Studio PPARK.

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About CPW Apartment

Elegance Redefined: The CPW Apartment

Studio PPARK’s CPW Apartment in the United States embodies modern elegance. Designed in 2017, this apartment unfolds a narrative of style and functionality.

The Living Room: A Fusion of Comfort and Artistry

Upon entry, the living room welcomes with a serene palette and textured fabrics. The plush blue sofa, offering ample seating, anchors the space. Above, a collection of vibrant landscapes injects color and personality. Nearby, a sleek work desk integrates seamlessly, promising productivity amidst tranquility.

Transitioning to the kitchen, Studio PPARK showcases their signature blend of form and function. The modern kitchen boasts clean lines and state-of-the-art appliances. A sleek dining table, surrounded by chic chairs, invites communal meals and conversation. Overhead, an abstract light fixture acts as a sculptural focal point.

The bedroom, a testament to minimalism, balances comfort with aesthetics. A monochromatic bedspread contrasts with bold accent pillows, while the striking piece of red and blue art above the bed energizes the space. Natural light filters in, enhancing the room’s peaceful atmosphere.

Finally, the bathroom exudes a spa-like calm with its understated design. Creamy hues and streamlined fixtures create a space that feels both clean and luxurious. The large mirror reflects light, contributing to the bathroom’s airy quality.

Studio PPARK’s CPW Apartment stands as a beacon of modern living, where every room tells a story of elegance and design excellence.

Photography by Emily Gilbert

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- by Matt Watts