Kolkovna Apartment by Oooox

Kolkovna Apartment is a beautiful contemporary attic apartment located in Prague, Czech republic, redesigned by Oooox.

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About Kolkovna Apartment

Contemporary Elegance in Prague’s Skyline: Kolkovna Apartment

Nestled atop the vibrant streets of Prague, the Kolkovna Apartment, designed by the innovative Oooox team in 2016, redefines attic living with its contemporary flair.

Entering the living room, the space embraces you with a blend of modern and rustic. Exposed wooden beams intersect with sleek metallic poles, creating a dialogue between old and new. The subtle play of natural light through skylights adds a serene ambiance, while the plush grey sofa invites relaxation amidst the urban bustle.

Transitioning into the kitchen, the narrative of contemporary design continues. Dark cabinetry contrasts with the light hardwood floors, and a sculptural art piece adds an unexpected twist of sophistication. Here, functionality meets art, as state-of-the-art appliances are seamlessly integrated into the space.

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area stands out with its geometric flooring, marrying the room’s monochrome tones with the warmth of wooden textures. The dining setting, poised for intimate gatherings, complements the apartment’s airy feel.

A Sanctuary Above the City

The narrative flows into the bedroom, where tranquility reigns. The bed, ensconced in soothing greys and luxurious textures, promises a restful escape. A freestanding bathtub within the sleep space blurs the lines between rejuvenation and rest, offering a unique twist to the en-suite concept.

Sleek Serenity: A Bathroom of Textures and Light

Concluding the tour, the bathroom is a masterpiece of textures and tones. Mosaic tiles cascade down the walls, echoing the city’s cobblestones, while sleek fixtures reflect the apartment’s modern ethos. Here, form and function converge in a space designed for pampering.

The Kolkovna Apartment is more than a residence; it’s a testament to the creative vision of Oooox, capturing the spirit of Prague in a tapestry of contemporary design.

Photography by Kiva Photo

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- by Matt Watts