P29 House by VGZ Arquitectura

This contemporary concrete residence located in Mexico City, Mexico, was designed in 2017 by VGZ Arquitectura.

Description by VGZ Arquitectura

The project composition was achieved through a modulation that links interior and exterior spaces through different entrances, surrounding every façade with garden or terrace.

The concrete has both structural and finishing functions, adding it to a diverse palette of materials such as glass, wood and stone. This palette is complemented with specially selected furniture to emphasize different elements of every space.

The public areas where designed at the back to seize the views and the private areas at the front to exploit and enjoy sunlight.

The connection between the spaces is generated through a hallway, flanked by the terrace and a reflecting pond and by an adaptable double-sided bookshelf, that connects the study and the garden. The visual axis is a sliding lattice that allows the space to transform, playing with the privacy of each space.

The landscaping was used as a linking strategy to the site and as a compositional and ornamental element.

The lag between upstairs and downstairs generates a continuous terrace with floor-to-ceiling windows, achieving excellent natural ventilation.

Photography by Rafael Gamo

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- by Matt Watts

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