Penthouse in London by Collette Hanlon

Designed in 2018 by Collette Hanlon, Penthouse in London is an inspiring two-floor penthouse apartment located in London, United Kingdom.

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About Penthouse in London

Fusing Modern Architecture with English Elegance

Spanning three floors, this loft seamlessly blends modern architecture with traditional English taste. Additionally, a glass staircase connects each level, adding a unique character to the space. On the first floor, the living room adopts a formal tone, featuring a color palette ranging from ecru to warm dark brown. Furthermore, it boasts elegant Soft Dream sofas, a Cestone console, and a Soffio dining table. Next to this area, a more intimate and cozy space is furnished with the Guscio sofa and Feel Good armchair, creating an inviting ambiance for conversations with guests.

Relaxed Style in the Second Living Room

In contrast, the second living room showcases a more casual and relaxed style. Here, a Groundpiece sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio, pairs with a Vito coffee table and a Feel Good ottoman. Moreover, a glass-floored niche, connecting the two living rooms, provides dramatic impact. This niche features Guscioalto armchairs in tobacco leather and Jiff side tables, enhancing the visual appeal.

Upstairs: A Welcoming Family Room

Ascending to the family room, the ambiance shifts to a more personal and comfortable setting. This room is equipped with a spacious Groundpiece sofa in grey and blue, complemented by a Vienna coffee table. Additionally, two Feel Good armchairs in powder pink leather and a Kidd coffee table make the space ideal for family gatherings and relaxation, blending style and comfort effortlessly.

Photography by Matt Keal

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