Axiom Desert House by Turkel Design

Featuring the Turkel Design signature post-and-beam construction and an open great room breezing out to a private courtyard, the 2,110-square-foot Axiom Desert House draws from the lifestyle and culture of Palm Springs — seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living while incorporating sustainable and energy-efficient products and systems throughout.


Based on our Axiom 2110 and inspired by some fundamental tenets of midcentury modernism, Axiom Desert House is a modern oasis that offers seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, making it ideal for desert living, while replicable across variable sites and climates. Joel and Meelena Turkel have taken this opportunity to turn the lens on themselves as designers and clients, while teaming up with numerous esteemed partners whose innovative, efficient, and carefully designed products are integral to the home, offering Turkel Design the opportunity to experiment with new materials, finishes, and processes.

Photography by Chase Daniel

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- by Matt Watts