Taipei City Apartment by Peny Hsieh Interiors

This inspiring apartment recently designed by Peny Hsieh Interiors is located in the Xinyi District of Taipei City, Taiwan.


The flowing vector breaks the limits of space and life interface. The seemingly simple patterns are in fact designs of life as well as the faithful prostration. The extracted U-shaped element connects each mechanical unit. The table in arc-curve shape can be used for leisure, for work, and as a meeting area. Such is set off by the arc-shaped chandelier, and the curving length of the table extends the visual scale of the volume in space. The U shape is like a smile and a warm term of “welcome home.”

Elegant crafting details are spread across the space, such as the rose gold clothes rail as well as daytime dress and bag put aside. The lower part includes handles in the same color style, integrating dual-colored table, surrounding furniture, and lamps with the smiling elements. Such contains both amusement and designing taste, and all furniture has flexibility regardless of shapes or functions in order to meet the spatial proportion logic, and comfort performance, and ergonomics.

Photography courtesy of Peny Hsieh Interiors

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- by Matt Watts