Apartment in Porto Alegre by Marcelo Minuscoli

Located in Porto Alegre, Brazil, this modern 753 sq ft apartment has been recently completed by Marcelo Minuscoli.


This apartment located in one of the best areas of Porto Alegre (at south of Brazil) is the second home of this couple that will make this property their home on weekends. The choice of the property was due more to the location (Moinhos de Vento neighborhood) than to the size because the footage is only 70m2 but will have everything you need to enjoy when you are in the capital, receive friends and guests.

The living room is very bare, few furniture and much comfort. Here we use the trick of leaving the furniture well aerial to leave a feeling that the environment is bigger because you see more of the beautiful floor in natural wood rules. Neutral colors seek harmony and longevity, we leave the daring for details like the coating of the dining chairs. The pieces of loose furniture follow the maxim of contemporary design, highlight the Saarinen round white dining table.

The integration of the kitchen with the living room was inevitable, so it should win super stylish air since it will always be exposed. Like all good Gaucho, we could not miss the barbecue, which we integrated with the cellar and the kitchen through a tall stone mirror.

The second bedroom has concealed sliding doors and serves as cabinet and guest bedroom. When it is open it promotes even greater integration of the apartment area.

The bathroom, in spite of having its shower cubicle, receives the washbasin assembly, basically due to the elegance of the floor coverings and the wall, where we use a marbled porcelain tile that faithfully represents the Golden Calacata marble.

The couple’s suite is basic and shows only what is needed. The headboard upholstered in blue velvet with its boiseries in tinted tacks is a charm and brings all the coziness and sophistication that the dormitory needs. On the wall in front of the door a very special work of art, a click of the photographer Adriano Bassegio, a sculpture of a Roman gladiator. In the bathroom the composition in black and white is broken by the woody dark panel that brings in the formal composition of elements and forms a super bold look.

Photography courtesy of Marcelo Minuscoli

- by Matt Watts

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