Welcome to the Jungle House by CplusC Architectural Workshop

Redesigned and extended in 2019 by CplusC Architectural Workshop, this beautiful residence is located in Darlington, Australia.

Description by CplusC Architectural Workshop

Built within a rejuvenated heritage façade of rendered masonry, steel, timber and greenery, the Welcome to the Jungle House is situated in an inner-city heritage conservation area typified by late Victorian row terrace housing and post-industrial warehouse conversions. A two-storey shop top house in disrepair and close to collapse originally occupied the 90sqm triangular site. The original spackled rendered masonry façade had cultural and streetscape significance to the local heritage conservation area and its necessary reconstruction was managed under strict heritage controls. Original window openings have been framed in pre-rusted steel and juxtapose with new openings framed in gloss white powder coat steel. A black photovoltaic panel array signals the new addition to the original northern façade, harnessing sunlight throughout the day, acting as a billboard for the sustainability attributes of the architecture and starkly contrasting the original rendered heritage facade.

Photography courtesy of CplusC Architectural Workshop

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- by Matt Watts

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