Residence Gabellí by Terraza Balear

This modern two-story villa located on the Spanish island of Mallorca, has been designed in 2018 by Terraza Balear.

Description by Terraza Balear

Terraza Balear is delighted to share with you a preview of our latest breath-taking project. Our team had the honour to participate with Mallorca Heritage in this magisterial creation working from the architectural design to the last detail including structural form, selection of materials, pavements, walls, furniture and decoration.

This house is located in a privileged spot of the island embraced by the forest and unified with the sky and the ocean providing spectacular views of Palma Bay. The structure consists of three panoramic floors where horizontal lines predominate suggesting a solid and harmonious relationship with the landscape. As outstanding elements, we could mention the use of Mallorquí stones to hold a waterfall of vegetation, the presence of wood throughout the entire space to provide a warm atmosphere and the natural materials selected to design the indoor swimming spa and the outdoor infinity pool.

In a like manner, every element of the house brings out the personality of Terraza Balear using natural textures and calm colours to synchronize with the Mediterranean feeling.

In conclusion, this exceptional project could be described with only one word: “connection”.

Photography courtesy of Terraza Balear

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- by Matt Watts

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