Casa Vendicari by Marco Merendi

Designed in 2018 by Marco Merendi, Casa Vendicari is an extraordinary contemporary retreat situated close the sea in Noto, Italy.

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About Casa Vendicari

Sicilian Elegance Meets Modern Design

In 2015, Casa Vendicari emerged as a modern marvel, and it now boasts breath-taking sea views and a panoramic pool. It’s more than just a house; it’s a tribute to the Sicilian landscape. The vast horizon and the majestic Vendicari Nature Reserve directly influenced its design. As a result, nature seamlessly weaves through the house, ensuring a connection in every space.

Inside, contemporary furnishings abound. Yet, they always honor and blend with the landscape. Furthermore, this union between nature and design stands out with the use of local Noto stone and Vulcan Etna’s lava stone.

A Pool Like No Other

Firstly, the living area showcases expansive sliding glass doors, offering unobstructed views of the Nature Reserve. These doors then lead to a unique pool area, surrounded by inviting terraces. Coated with lava stone, the pool feels like a grand Arabian bathtub—making it perfect for relaxation and socializing.

Adjacent to the pool, age-old plants, prickly pears, and olive trees stand tall. Here, a covered panoramic terrace features a lava stone dining table and a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, including a barbecue. Additionally, a large motorized sun blind provides shade when needed. At night, this spot transforms, creating a magical setting for evening gatherings under the stars.

Interior Masterpiece

Inside, the spacious living area dazzles with its expansive sofas and a central lava stone fireplace. A custom-made island kitchen takes center stage, and smartly-designed doors efficiently conceal appliances and storage. Moreover, the bedroom section offers a sense of privacy. Oblong windows frame the ocean, while also providing direct garden access and mesmerizing views of almond trees and salt lagoons.

The house boasts three bedrooms: two doubles and a versatile double/twin room. Impressively, each room features its own en-suite bathroom with a shower. Large sheet-metal sunscreens adorn the façade, casting intricate patterns on the floor during the day, reminiscent of Arabian architecture. These screens not only offer security but also promote natural ventilation.

Photography by Albero Ferrero

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- by Matt Watts