Cool Gentleman by AD Architecture

Located in Shantou, Guangdong, China, this dynamic 1,722 sq ft apartment has been recently completed by AD Architecture.

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Description by AD Architecture

Apartment C2 is defined as a cool gentleman, a rational and logical living environment. The space seems to be dynamic, an existence to stabilize the changing physical world. It is a kind of logic outside of geometry, a form in motion.
With a character that combines calmness and elegance, it is like a fashion darling dressed in a black tuxedo. The color palette of black and white, and the simple yet exquisite furnishings, showcase our new explorations into the decoration of human living environments, and pursuit of a minimalist lifestyle.

Going after large spatial scale, futuristic surfaces and smart home system, this is our understanding and impression of modern luxury homes. Functionality is only to meet the basic demands of modern life, while experience and sense of rituality are pursuits at a higher level, which are becoming increasingly important. What we are exploring is using space to express one’s temperament and personality.

The balcony garden at the entrance area links up with the living room and dining room, and the open kitchen enriches the layering and rhythm of the space. There is no boundary set by traditional means such as a foyer or backdrop, only the flexible rhythm and fluidity of movement, making life here unconstrained. We hoped to regularize the disorganized objects, and establish an order. By repeating an abstract element in the space, we aimed to inject harmony and spirituality into the space.

The bedroom is dominated by a white tone, with the curved lines corresponding with the elements of the living room, harmonious and unified. The white ceiling, walls and beddings go well with the black wooden floor, combined with lighting design, creating a spatial environment which intermingles the dynamic and static.

The interiors show meticulous details and exquisite craftsmanship. The curved shapes of the ceiling, the combination of stone floorings and imported handmade wooden floor boards, and the hollowed-out luminous wall, all posed a challenge to craftsmen during the production and construction process.

As for the living environment of modern cities, we wish to break the routine, find the soul of the space and carry out exploratory design. We are making a stand.

Art should not be beyond reach. Each of our design works has its own spatial expression, and artistic quality and spirituality outside physicality

Photography by Ouyang Yun

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- by Matt Watts