ShiGuang Home by Lyu Aihua

This fresh eclectic apartment situated in Beijing, China, has been recently completed by Lyu Aihua of Hua Design Studio.

Description by Lyu Aihua

The saying of “An ordinary joyful moment” was once brought up by a Japanese author Haruki Murakami. He came up with it when he was standing in the kitchen, one hand slicing the freshly baked bread while the other hand was grabbing the food to eat. He also enjoys listening to Brahms’s chamber and watching the autumn sunlight draw a shadow on the white paper-stained window. With the “ShiGuang” impression, I subvert the whole former way of my client’s life.

When the house owner was about to give up on her house, she happened to see a case I did ten years ago. Strange fate brought us together; soon, she got my contact along with an idea of a brand new home. The owner’s trust has pushed our cooperation to run smoothly and even skipped the steps of the renderings.

The house is vast indeed, but In the past, the family has to huddle together to sleep. Due to the illuminating problem, the utilization rate of the upper floor space was meager.

I like to observe the lifestyles of others, and I want to do my best to help them develop personalized solutions – Six customized bedrooms. Five are facing south, only one is facing north. We emphasize the craftsmanship details and create a room full of artistic beauty in the furnishing.

Photography by Boris Shiu

- by Matt Watts

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