Inaction by AworkDesign.Studio

Situated in Taipei, Taiwan, this modern apartment has been recently completed by AworkDesign.Studio.

Description by AworkDesign.Studio

Make the space to the maximum simplification with “Action through inaction” and to obtain the greatest effect. This construction project focuses on the reorganization of the order and blurs the border of public and private domain. It looks like in opposition to each other but it also looks like to coexist harmoniously as two individuals of Yin and Yang graphics. Every dimension of space introduces shapes with the function to make the structure derive naturally. The concentration of the storage function releases the largest space for activities. Simple and plain wall surface will draw people’s attention to focus on the greenery out of the windows. Such design will make us return to the essential architecture, not to design the wall surface or collage materials deliberately.

Photography courtesy of AworkDesign.Studio

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- by Matt Watts

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