Casa R5 by Joaquin Homs

Located in Punta de Mita, Mexico, this minimalist tropical house has been recently completed by Joaquin Homs.


The site is located in a development in Punta de Mita, Nay. A house with a minimalist architecture and a tropical landscape on the Pacific coast of Mexico. A neutral envelope with openings and walls that allowed accents of color and textures. We decided to change the doors of the window grilles, by curtains to control the natural lighting and add sensuality to the environment. We combine wood panels in ash tones and saturated veins in contrast to a marble floor of uniform sand color. In some space we cover the walls with natural textures of japanese grass or raw textiles. The idea was to maintain the serenity of its environment, replicate the blue of the sea and its vegetation, using turquoise tones and wood ashes, burned or bleached. We punctuate each space by means of its luminaires generating games of lights and shadows or adding color.Balance,harmony,relax,charm or surprise were the qualifiers to achieve this interior design.

Photography by CASABLANCAFO

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- by Matt Watts

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