Summer House by DDAANN

Summer house designed by DDAANN, is a family residence standing literally on a green field, near a clump of trees, in a pleasant countryside of central Bohemia. The house accommodates three generations of one family. A grandfather, a grandmother, a father, a mother and their two boys – there’s enough space for all of them to spend a summer and a lot of weekends together.

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About Summer House

A Harmonious Fusion of Spaces

This home seamlessly combines multiple, purpose-driven volumes. In the heart of the house, family gatherings find warmth by the fireplace, with the living room, dining room, and kitchen flowing together. Large sliding windows usher in the garden’s tranquility.

Generational Comfort and Privacy

Each family generation enjoys its private oasis. Grandparents relish their cozy living space, complete with essential amenities. Meanwhile, the parents claim a roomy bedroom, adjoining study, and bathroom — the study transforms into a guest room when required. Atop, on the second floor, the boys rule their realm, soaking in panoramic views.

Practical Elegance and Functional Spaces

Complementing these spaces, an inviting entrance, a handy workshop shed, and sheltered parking stand ready. Leading out, a southern terrace showcases a towering pillar, crowned with a green pergola. A garden shower refreshes, and a petite wind turbine whirls above.

A Garden Oasis Beckons

Encircling the home, a verdant garden bursts with fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables — a chef’s delight. In the summer sun, peace pervades every corner.

Photography by BoysPlayNice


- by Matt Watts