Casa A by REM’A

Casa A located in the outskirts of the city of Guimarães in Portugal, this inspiring single family house has been recently designed by REM’A.

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About Casa A

Distinct Design in Guimarães Outskirts

Situated on Guimarães’ city fringes, the house stands amid a densely constructed neighborhood.

Balancing Privacy and Aesthetics

Incorporating the lot’s unique dual-altitude nature, we’ve crafted a two-floor design. It prioritizes privacy and complements the context.

Yards: Merging Interior and Exterior

The design uses exogenous and endogenous gaps, depending on their function. Social spaces interact with exogenous yards, enhancing inside-outside dynamics. Fully opened window frames further blur these boundaries.

Private Spaces: Seclusion Meets Design

Private areas employ endogenous gaps. We’ve constructed a solid volume against the retaining wall, punctuated by a single geometric perforation. This entrance introduces light and views but remains controlled.

Monolithic Beauty: From Garage to Pool

A continuous wall connects the underground garage to the pool’s edge. Atop the pool, a negative-rotated volume emerges. This wooden-coated monolith resembles a nest, encompassing the home’s private section.

Fusion of Materials

Concrete and wood converge in a grayscale palette, presenting a fluid chromatic transformation.

Photography courtesy of REM’A

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- by Matt Watts