C’era Una Volta by R3architetti

C’era Una Volta recently redesigned by R3architetti, is a stylish apartment located in Turin, Italy.

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About C’era Una Volta

Reimagining a 19th-Century Apartment

Nestled on the main floor of a mid-19th-century building, this apartment once showcased fragmented rooms from different eras. The design aimed to revive original elements, harmonizing contemporary living with historical presence.

Rediscovering the Grand Vault

A vast structural vault measuring 5.5m x 8.5m (18ft x 27.9ft) was unveiled, shedding layers of past ceilings and revealing parts of frescoes.

Modern Divisions and Transitions

The living and sleeping areas now stand apart, separated by a translucent polycarbonate partition. This transparent wall allows a complete view of the apartment’s volume. Door frames align with the home’s historical layout, emphasizing seamless room transitions without hallways.

Functional Core: The Heart of the Home

Service functions nest in a lowered, functional volume beneath the vault. This central hub houses the entrance, bathroom, kitchen, and walk-in closet.

A Contrast of Eras

The functional volume contrasts with its pure white hue against the vibrant ceiling fresco. Ancient meets new in a dance of contrasts. As a result, enclosed elements like the bathroom and kitchen exude stark minimalism. Each piece reflects its era, intertwining history with the present.

Photography courtesy of R3architetti

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- by Matt Watts