Casa Quincho by VA Arquitectos

Located in Gonnet, Buenos Aires, Argentina, this inspiring weekend house has been recently designed by VA Arquitectos.


This weekend house its develops in a private housing complex in the city of Gonnet, Buenos Aires; with the particularity that one section opens to the private street of the complex, and the other one to a main avenue of the city. The owner´s idea was to create a reunion space as the main area of the house, so that the family could spend time with friends, adding a master bedroom in the upper floor.

From of the premise of blocking the access from the public street and create one from the interior of the complex, the architects propose a rectangular volume through the longitudinal section, finding the best visuals and sun orientation. The main space is created by a multi-functional floor plan, connected both to the exterior and to the first floor, making it possible to different uses. To maximize the site, a double height space is created, covering an interior and exterior part of the house and making a bigger and intensifying relation between them.

Photography by Luis Barandiaran

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- by Matt Watts

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