A Home on the Hill by INBLUM

Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, this industrial apartment has been designed in 2019 by INBLUM.


The apartment on the hill overlooks the impressive Vilnius Old Town panorama. This has prompted the main functional idea: the unbroken integrity of the interior and the exterior.

The volumes of solid wood are functionally positioned within the cold perimeter of stone, concrete and glass. Not only do they warm the environment, but also create a narrative of space and allow travelling about the home along unusual paths. Not from the hallway to the rooms, but around them, in a circle. The unit comprising the master bedroom, dressing room and bathroom is set away from the windows. This allows not only daylight to circulate freely throughout the house, but you can also enjoy the city panorama from anywhere. Another element acting on the perception of space is the mirror volume of utility rooms, which opens the boundaries of the corridor.

The furniture in this grey, unobtrusive interior within functional zones is lit as if on stage. Thus, the space acquires multiple dimensions, at the same time inviting you to be here and now.

Photography by Darius Petrulaitis


- by Matt Watts

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