Ovolo the Valley by Woods Bagot

Ovolo the Valley is a lifestyle hotel located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley designed by Woods Bagot. Inspired by the vibrancy of its surroundings and in celebration of the Ovolo brand’s playful spirit, the rebranding / refurbishment is conceptualised as a series of unique and tangible guest experiences through imaginative and wondrous interior environments.

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About Ovolo the Valley

Introducing a Hotel Experience Like No Other

The design brief envisioned a hotel reflecting local culture, surroundings, and the distinctive Ovolo brand. Young and dynamic, Ovolo doesn’t stick to traditional design standards. This freedom allowed the design team to craft a unique narrative.

Taking Inspiration from Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley’s intriguing contrasts inspired the design. It offers guests a layered journey, blending the urban with intimate interiors. The outcome? A blend of “Alice in Wonderland” with Brisbane’s vibrant outdoor lifestyle.

Marrying Style, Function, and Technology

Striking a balance between style and function, the design fosters a dialogue between art, interiors, and guests. Smart technology, like curated music playlists, amplifies the tactile interior quality, offering a multi-sensory experience. The revamped hotel boasts 101 guestrooms, two ‘Rock-star’ suites, and various amenities—all realized in just eight months.

Efficient Design with a Personal Touch

Despite budget and time constraints, the team used cost-effective materials and innovative detailing. Custom joinery, adaptable across 13 room types, showcases the design’s modularity and constructability.

Celebrating Textural Contrasts

The hotel interiors captivate with unique texture combinations. Bold and adventurous, they juxtapose solid with transparent, soft with hard, matte with reflective. This design commitment delivers a cohesive and compelling aesthetic language.

Art: The Heart of the Hotel

Embracing an integrated art approach, the hotel showcases original works from local artists. These pieces, scattered across guestrooms and communal areas, elevate the guest experience, fostering meaningful interactions.

Guests: The Centerpiece of a Whimsical Tale

Celebrating individuality, the design pioneers a new hotel experience. Through a holistic design and collaboration with artists, guests find themselves immersed in a fantastical art narrative.

Photography by Dion Robeson

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- by Matt Watts