Apartment V1 by Marasovic Arhitekti

Apartment V1 is a tiny home located in Koper, Slovenia, recently redesigned by Marasovic Arhitekti.

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About Apartment V1

Historic Revival: The Stone House Transformation in Koper

In the heart of Koper’s old town, a historic stone house undergoes a meticulous renovation. Dubbed “House V,” it boasts three distinctive apartments: V1, V2, and V3. V1, offering a cozy 35m2 (377 sq. ft) of living space and a single window, emerged as the inaugural project.

Strategic Layout Maximizes Space and Privacy

Positioned on the ground floor, V1’s elongated shape posed unique challenges. To optimize daylight and ensure privacy, we split the apartment. The bedroom, bathroom, and wardrobe nestle at the rear, while the kitchen and living areas bask by the window.

A thoughtfully crafted partition divides the bedroom from the main living space. Simultaneously, it ushers natural light into the apartment’s rear and obstructs street views. Furthermore, the central ventilation system guarantees a steady flow of fresh air. Offering occupants flexibility, a trio of curtains— one behind the partition and two by the window— facilitate varying degrees of privacy.

Bespoke Furnishings Enhance the Ambience

To leverage the available space, we turned to custom furniture solutions. Built-ins, like the concealed kitchen cabinet in the wainscoted wall, stand alongside mounted pieces such as the sleek black shelves above the sofa and the wooden cabinets hovering over the bed.

Nods to the Building’s Bourgeois Past

Incorporating wainscoting, black aluminum profiles, and stone-like tiles, we aimed to echo the building’s once-bourgeois heritage using modern expressions. This design philosophy extends to the handpicked lamps, bathroom fixtures, and decorative accents— all reflecting the same refined palette and materials.

Photography courtesy of Marasovic Arhitekti

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- by Matt Watts