White Fish by Naturehumaine [architecture+design]

White Fish is a minimalist chalet located in Saint-Lin-Laurentides, Canada, recently designed by Naturehumaine [architecture+design].

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About White Fish

Embracing Rugged Terrain: A Monolithic Marvel

This chalet’s concept draws from its rugged site. The sloping terrain anchors the project into the bedrock, showcasing angular, monolithic architecture.

A Minimalist’s Dream: Compact and Geometric

Its minimalist design ensures optimal compactness and a reduced site footprint. A symmetrical gabled roof tops its square plan, emphasizing its geometric charm.

Interior Insights: Verticality and Visual Harmony

Inside, exposed joists offer a heightened sense of verticality. The living spaces reveal a roof structure that mirrors a fish skeleton, an homage to the nearby lake. Its pristine color further enhances this imagery.

Strategic Design: Budget-friendly Brilliance

A modest budget inspired space optimization: minimized corridors, compact spaces, consolidated services, and perfectly framed landscape views. Simple and affordable materials, like maple veneer panels, elegantly furnish integrated storage units.

The Final Canvas: Purity in Square

The chalet stands as a testament to simple, monochrome architecture that masterfully explores the square’s purity.

Photography by Raphaël Thibodeau

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- by Matt Watts