Casa Brio by Architecture Brio

This inspiring apartment located in Mumbai, India, has been designed in 2017 by Architecture Brio.


Adaptable Spaces –

The apartment has an adaptable and open arrangement. Dispensable walls between rooms were removed and replaced with objects in order to optimize space. Because walls can be opened and closed, folded or sliding away, the home can be restructured, expanded, fragmented, connected or isolated. In order to optimise space, every wall, nook and surface has been put to multiple uses.

The interior is minimal yet intricate in detailing. However it is embellished with a subtle collection of textures and materials. Each utility core is therefore materialized either in stained birch plywood, natural stained white oak or an epoxy cement finish. Each material defines the character of the space. They have their own unique character and definition, while at the same time they do not compromise on the feeling of spaciousness.

Small becomes large –

The interactive layout of the apartment allows you to walk around the house in multiple ways. The complexity of spaces prevents a quick and easy mental map of the apartment to be formulated and encourages one to explore the house in different ways. Therefore the house feels much larger than it is.

Outdoors in the city –

The sliding doors have been custom designed with double glazing that keep the city noise outside. At the same time, they create a visual connect with the outdoor dining verandah. But they can also fully slide away and hide in a pocket in the wall so that the living room can physically connect with the park outside when required.

Photography by Jignesh Jhaveri

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- by Matt Watts

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