FL4 by Studio Delecto

Recently designed for a young couple with two kids by Studio Delecto, this inspiring apartment is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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The apartment is located in a residential complex of a closed-type at one of the fastest developing areas of Sofia. The owners of the apartment, a young couple with their two kids, were aiming to achieve an open space and light-filled dwelling. The night-time area that includes two small bedrooms, a bathroom and one master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom is connected to the day time area by an entrance hall.

The entrance hall is acting as a bridge between the main areas due to a frosted glass wall and an open storage unit. The living room is defined by two environments: a dining area with significant white glossy lacquered and natural oak kitchen in on one hand, and a recreation area with a center room sofa. The open sofa pattern defines three subareas: a reading area The open sofa divides the recreation area into three subspaces: a television area, a reading area with an armchair and a bookcase and a chaise longue facing the large windows.

The project’s general color palette of desaturated and cool wood flooring is combined with bright polished and lively natural oak surfaces.

The variety of surfaces is completed by strong character furniture to underline the personality of the eclectic design.

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- by Matt Watts