Ripa Penthouse by Serena Mignatti

The Penthouse redesigned by Serena Mignatti is located at the last two floors of one of the Rome’s most desirable addresses with a breathtaking private rooftop oasis that offers unobstructed with far reaching Roman views.


Our central design philosophy is rooted in creating homes that are built upon the owner’s vision and designed for their way of living.

This vision is about to create environments that express a general sense of belonging to Rome and its essence. We like the idea to offer quiet spaces for spiritual inspiration, serenity and silence and we are further more interested in redefining the boundaries between inside and outside spaces. This vision is echoed by Serena Mignatti’ s research in offering a Continuum between indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly visually connected.

Each ambient of the three 3 bedroom family home has been treated as a unique realm through the use of materials and warm colors seamlessly connect the awesome view of Rome with the inside spaces.

Interiors are warm and friendly, and high-ended detailed. It’s about having flexible spaces where the furniture setting layout can be easily modified according Client’s needs. It is all about Family’s home with spaces immediately feel the calmness and that express serenity and calm.

Photography by Roberta Perrone

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- by Matt Watts

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