Crawl Space Problems: The Creepiest Things That Might Be Under Your Home

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much of a thought to your crawl space. For many people, a crawl space is just a small place that contractors can use to access hidden places in your home. However, if you haven’t thought about your crawl space, you’re probably ignoring some potentially creepy things that could be under there. Here are a few things you could find in an uninspected crawl


Animals are a fairly common thing to find underneath your home. That’s because it’s easy for animals to find their way into an unencapsulated crawl space, from small snakes to large rodents. If you don’t ensure that your crawl space is encapsulated and clean of animals, you could find any of these things underneath your crawl space:

  • Infestations
  • Snakes
  • Wild Animal Homes
  • Bones
  • Plants

    If animals aren’t a problem in your area, that doesn’t mean you can completely negate the potential for a problem. Plants can still cause huge issues underneath your home. Plants can cause serious structural problems, overtake your home, and even enact health concerns, depending on the plants. These plants are especially dangerous:

  • Mold
  • Invasive Plants
  • Crime

    There aren’t a lot of criminal things that you’re likely to find under your home, but that doesn’t mean there’s a 0% chance of finding them. In fact, people have found many criminal items under their home, even if they’re not personally involved in a criminal lifestyle. These strange criminal items are just a few of the things people have found in their crawl spaces:

  • Locked Cabinets
  • Mob Cash
  • Guns and Weapons
  • Squatters and Fugitives
  • History

    There are plenty of historical things that you might find underneath your home. Some of these things might be scary, while some of them could be downright dangerous. In fact, if you live in certain areas, you may even find war items underneath your crawl space, left there for decades or centuries since the last time a war happened on your land. These historical items could be extremely spooky:

  • Unexploded Artillery
  • Disturbing Journals
  • Paranormal

    Not everyone believes in ghosts, but if you do, you might wonder whether there’s one in your crawl space. If you’ve already checked for structural problems and criminal activity, that bumping and creaking under your home might be the work of a particularly unfriendly poltergeist. These are a few of the paranormal things you might find under your home:

  • Ghosts
  • Monsters Too Big to Live in the Closet
  • Structural

    Of all the potential fears of things underneath your home, this is both the most common and the most serious. Sure, having unexploded artillery under your home could be worrying, but it’s so immensely uncommon that it’s really unlikely to cause any concerns. However, structural damage is extremely common, and it’s also very significant.

    There are many ways structural damage can start to show up in your home, including sagging joints, water damage, and a sinking foundation. Even more serious is the fact that if you don’t manage your structural damage, you might end up with more serious problems, up to even having a wall of your home collapse.

    A Crawl Space Inspection Can Help You Fix These Problems

    From serious structural damage to mold in your walls and even stashed away weapons, you don’t know what’s in your crawl space until you’ve had someone come in and do an inspection. You need to make sure you have a contractor do a crawl space inspection so you can understand what’s happening in your crawl space. If you want to make sure you’re avoiding the creepiest problems in your crawl space, a home inspection should be your first stop.

    - by Matt Watts

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