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Ecocapsule®, an innovative Slovak company and global ecological pioneer within segment of sustainable living, introduces new SPACE by Ecocapsule – an energetically semi self-sustainable mobile micro-unit for different purposes of usage. Indeed, wrapped in an attractive design of a giant egg.

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Since Ecocapsule® launched a mass production in 2018, Ecocapsule ORIGINAL has made it to all the corners of the world. Besides Europe, at the moment there are Ecocapsules e.g. in USA, Costa Rica, Bahamas and Japan. One of these capsules was purchased by a famous Hollywood actress, political and environmental activist Susan Sarandon. „When I first saw Ecocapsule, I thought this is what we need for the future, as a concept. We need to support and use purely green solutions in everyday life”, S. Sarandon said.

Today new SPACE by Ecocapsule is entering the market. Compared to the Ecocapsule ORIGINAL the price of SPACE is much lower. “Based upon demand of our customers we’ve made SPACE affordable for broader customers scale, and more comfortable to use. Besides green energy collected by solar panels SPACE can also use energy from the grid, which makes it more users-friendly”, says Tomáš Žáček, founder, Design Director and CEO of Ecocapsule Ltd.

SPACE by Ecocapsule is a semi off-grid micro-unit with the removable solar panel instead of wind turbine. Interior provides a generous space adaptable to the individual needs of the owner. Basic version is available with a minimum of facilities – it contains floor and plywood cabinet wall with a pleasant surface finish. A playful moment is a possibility of different color customization.

SPACE has a multiply usage – it can be a home office, a guest room, an attractive sales place for small entrepreneurs, additional housing for a cottage, a houseboat or simply your personal space. As for situations, that we are currently experiencing globally, it can be an effective solution of accommodation for travel businesses and resorts.

The price of basic version of SPACE by Ecocapsule is 49 900 €.

Photography and visualizations courtesy of Ecocapsule

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- by Matt Watts