KT House by LB+MR

Located in São Carlos, Brazil, this contemporary single-story residence has been designed in 2018 by LB+MR.

KT House by LB+MR - 1
KT House by LB+MR - 2
KT House by LB+MR - 3
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KT House by LB+MR - 5
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KT House by LB+MR - 10


The unconventional shape of the building land plus the required six-meter strip retreat along to the street guided the project implementation. The house was designed from clear volumes, natural materials, seeking cross ventilation, natural lighting and a delicate fit into the building site.

Designed for a young couple and their children, the project’s premise was to guarantee full visual domain, the house develops around a central courtyard connecting the three well-defined wings: service, social and intimate, which all open completely to the central courtyard, allowing the house to be fully connected. Wooden brises and glass panels allow optional isolation and privacy when desired.
The six-meter strip retreat works as an extension of the central courtyard, following the same concept that led the entire project, granting visual connection to the whole design, whilst keeping the resident’s privacy by the subtle use of dense vegetation and ground elevation.

Photography by Favaro Junior

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- by Matt Watts