Summer Mood by Egue Y Seta

This beautiful single family house located in Barcelona, Spain, has been designed in 2020 by Egue Y Seta.


Traveling is always fun, but maybe, in this house, “staying home”, isn´t so bad after all. The sunbed, the palm tree, the cocktail and the pool dips were never so close to the living room; and here, the “all inclusive” includes everything that might come out of that fabulous live-in Kitchen, its wine celler or the outdoor barbecue towards the south end of the yard. In this home, the one thing you´ll still miss compared to an authentic holiday, might only be the suitcases or the jetlag (and that can be easily fixed)…If you prefer, we might also say it in a foreign language so to help you set yourself in #SummerMode.

Photography by VICUGO FOTO

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- by Matt Watts

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