Capsule by Casala and Kateryna Sokolova

Capsule soft seating collection offers a stylish solution to the increasing need for concentration and privacy in office environments. In an atmosphere of security, comfort, and innovation you can make phone calls or read without being disturbed. Capsule creates privacy without being completely cut off from the surroundings.

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The concept “My office is where my laptop is” sounds great but barely works in real life. The truth is we need a certain level of comfort and what we call a working spirit to do our everyday work intently. We need a kind of cocoon, a spot where you can switch off from the outer world and be protected from most distractions. In our new reality, we also need a social distance. After the pandemic of covid19, it becomes a new norm for any public space. For keeping our productivity, we have to be flexible, accept new rules and even learn how to enjoy the social distance.

Capsule by Casala and Kateryna Sokolova ( meets this challenge. The collection was launched a year prior to the quarantine but right now it gains new actuality as borders between home and office blur. We are struggling for a universal working place, where you can leave all your bothers behind. Such capsule can be located in the middle of a roomy open-space office or inside your apartment. It is the place to concentrate on working goals and dive into the process.

An important point of Capsule is acoustic absorbing upholstery on the inside and outside. Therefore, you can speak on the phone there and be to a large extent protected from outside noises. Obviously, when you are in the capsule, you keep the social distance from others.
Welcome to the office of the future! We found out there are not only high technologies but also pleasant rounded shapes and friendly thoughtful design.

Capsule won German Design Award 2020 in category “Office Furniture”.

– I am an introvert. I work in a roomy and noisy office, which we share with several other design studios. Sometimes it is difficult to concentrate on a certain working issue because there are many distractive sounds and colleagues’ activities. When the quarantine began, I started working remotely. In the first month of working from home, my effectiveness fell to 50%. It is too relaxing mood there and it is difficult to keep yourself together and just start working. The situation, which we have now, pushes us to look for some common solutions to keep social distance, be concentrated in the office, and switch to working mood at home office. – tells the designer Kateryna Sokolova.

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- by Matt Watts