Capsule by Casala and Kateryna Sokolova

Navigate the new norm of work with Capsule, an innovative office solution designed by Casala and Kateryna Sokolova. Celebrating the blend of comfort, privacy, and productivity, Capsule offers a sanctuary for those seeking an escape from distractions in any work setting. With its acoustic-absorbing upholstery and thoughtful design, it carves out a perfect space for focused work, all the while adhering to the requirements of social distancing.

Winner of the German Design Award 2020 in the “Office Furniture” category, Capsule is set to redefine our understanding of a conducive work environment, be it in a bustling office or the comfort of your home.

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About Capsule

Embracing the New Norm: The Office-Anywhere Culture

The idea of “My office is where my laptop is” sounds appealing, yet often fails to meet the demands of real-world situations. Achieving daily work goals necessitates a certain level of comfort and what we often refer to as a ‘working spirit.’ We crave a personal sanctuary, a place where we can disconnect from external distractions and focus on our work. In today’s reality, we also need to embrace social distancing. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, this practice has become the new norm in all public spaces. To maintain our productivity, we must adapt, accept new norms, and even learn to appreciate the space that social distancing affords.

The Capsule by Casala and Kateryna Sokolova: A Solution to Modern Challenges

The Capsule, a collaborative creation by Casala and Kateryna Sokolova (, rises to meet this challenge. Although launched a year before the quarantine, the collection now gains renewed relevance as the lines between home and office continue to blur. This struggle for a versatile workspace, where you can set aside all distractions, is real. Such a ‘capsule’ can find its place in the heart of a spacious open-plan office or within the confines of your home. It’s a space designed for deep focus and immersion in work.

Design Features: Acoustic Comfort and Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the key features of the Capsule is its acoustic absorbing upholstery, both inside and out. This design allows you to conduct phone calls and work without significant disturbance from external noise. Naturally, while in the capsule, you maintain a safe social distance from others. Welcome to the future of office spaces! Here you’ll find not only cutting-edge technology but also pleasing, rounded shapes and a thoughtful, friendly design.

The Capsule earned the German Design Award 2020 in the “Office Furniture” category.

An Introvert’s Perspective: Designer Kateryna Sokolova

“I’m an introvert. I work in a large, noisy office that we share with several other design studios. At times, it’s challenging to concentrate on a specific task due to the multitude of distracting sounds and activities. When the quarantine began, I shifted to remote work. In the first month, my productivity dipped to 50%. The relaxed home environment made it difficult to stay focused and initiate work. The current situation pushes us to find universal solutions that support social distancing, focus in the office, and create a working atmosphere at home,” shares designer Kateryna Sokolova.

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- by Matt Watts