The Row Melrose by Montalba Architects

Embrace the sophisticated allure of The Row Melrose, a stunning modernist house nestled in the heart of West Hollywood, California. This exquisite property, designed by the renowned Montalba Architects in 2014, effortlessly embodies the essence of polished minimalism and refined detailing.

As you step through the double-height entry courtyard, you’re greeted by natural light pouring in from floor-to-ceiling glass doors and an impressive 25-foot-long skylight. Discover a harmony of antiqued limestone and walnut textures set against a backdrop of matte white concrete and brushed metal finishes. The show-stopping centerpiece? A tranquil pool lounge that invites you to unwind under the Californian sun. Welcome to a space where each element is meticulously curated, and style meets comfort in the most captivating way.

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About The Row Melrose

An Inviting Double-Height Entryway Beckons

Upon entering the double-height courtyard, visitors find themselves drawn in by an oversized glass door, adorned with a custom bronze logo knob. This impressive entrance leads directly into the foyer, offering an enticing view of the pool lounge beyond.

Bathed in Natural Light: Galleries and Pool Lounge

The galleries, nestled on both sides of the pool, bask in the glow of abundant natural light. This illumination pours in through operable floor-to-ceiling structural glass doors and a striking 25-foot-long (approximately 7.6 meters) skylight. Custom brushed stainless-steel garment rails add a sleek touch to the space, harmonizing with the custom steel-blade shelving designed to house bags and shoes.

Floating Display Pieces: A Fusion of Tung-Oiled Walnut and Pigskin

Display pieces of tung-oiled walnut, inlaid with pigskin panels, seem to float in the hallways between the galleries and salon. This unique design feature embodies the brand’s commitment to curated aesthetics and refined details.

A Refined Material Palette: A Balance of Texture and Tone

The material palette mirrors the brand’s signature style of polished minimalism, featuring a balance of natural textures and refined detailing. The warmth of walnut and antiqued limestone contrasts beautifully against the cool, matte white concrete, expanses of minimally framed glass, and brushed metal finishes.

Distinctive Mid-Century Furniture and Native Plantings: Layering Subtle Tones and Warmth

A distinctive collection of mid-century furniture graces the space, accompanied by lush native plantings. This curated mix layers subtle color tones and warmth into the design, creating an ambiance of understated elegance and inviting comfort.

Photography courtesy of Montalba Architects

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- by Matt Watts