Casa da Mata by Leo Romano

Introducing Casa da Mata, a stunning residential condominium nestled in Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil! Designed by Leo Romano, this architectural gem showcases a unique “L” shape to maximize the connection with the surrounding native forest.

With an emphasis on horizontal lines, the design allows every room to open onto the internal patio, pool, and woods. The perfect blend of concrete and vertical breezes creates privacy, while thoughtful landscaping and natural lighting harmoniously connect architecture and nature.

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About Casa da Mata

Embracing Nature with an L-Shaped Design

The home was strategically built on a triangular plot, with the longest edge parallel to a nearby native forest. To maximize the view and seamlessly integrate the house with its natural surroundings, the architects chose an “L” shape. This design ensures that all rooms open up to the internal patio, swimming pool, and wooded landscape.

Harmonizing with the Terrain

Positioned at the highest point of the lot, the building thoughtfully adapts to the natural terrain. A minor earth movement was carried out to level the living spaces above the pool area.

Horizontal Lines and Concrete Accents

The architecture emphasizes horizontal lines, allowing for a visual expansion of the structure from all angles. The main façade blends concrete with vertical breeze blocks, ensuring privacy for the bedrooms. A concrete box, reminiscent of a swing, extends outward, featuring a tear in the ceiling that further unites architecture and nature.

Functional Spaces and Gardens

The “L” shape also enables perfect segmentation between social, service, intimate, and leisure areas, all of which are infused with lush gardens and openings for natural ventilation and lighting.

Elevated Garden and Expansive Views

To increase the area dedicated to landscaping, a garden was established on the rooftop. From this vantage point, the view of the surroundings is amplified, making it an ideal spot for full-moon nights and late afternoons.

Photography courtesy of Leo Romano

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- by Matt Watts