The Cube House by A&M Architects

The Cube House located in Athens, Greece, is a modern two-story house designed in 2020 by A&M Architects.

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A playful game between cubic volumes created a simple design proposal, strict on the exterior and soft on the interior. Putting these contrasts in balance, the hard geometric surfaces creating an envelope for the house, create a statement of a modern building translated through forms, materials, and colors. At the same time, through a warm environment, the interior of the Cube House emphasizes on natural materials, offering the comforts of modern family life in the southern suburbs of Attica.

On a very small plot, the functional needs of the family of four seek creative coexistence in a modern shell. The living areas are distributed on the ground level utilizing large openings showing an extroverted character connecting to the surrounding area. Similarly, private spaces with smaller openings facing the street, reflect their intention for introversion orienting their spaces towards isolation, calmness, and relaxation. Interrupting the cubic façade in a unique way, a theatrical Juliet balcony makes its appearance responding to the owner’s inspiration. Unlike the front facade, the back of the house is more open allowing natural lighting and private views.

The interior of the Cube House features clean surfaces while simplicity characterizes the individual spaces harmonized with the architectural design of the building. In a familiar family environment, wood plays a dominant role in all areas, while its application is evident in the internal staircase that connects all spaces of the house with each other. Fresh earthy colors are used in a gray and green palette while natural materials such as oak and green Tinos marble complement the living space.

Allowing the family to have gatherings, the heart of the house becomes the dining room placed next to the kitchen which can connect to the dining area or completely close through movable partitions designed for adaptability to daily needs. The kitchen is dominated by a monumental island offering daily use supported by a simple – practical design dressed in clean white surfaces of lacquer and white marble. In contrast to the bathrooms and rooms, the living and the dining spaces are using bold tones while at the same time large openings bring in natural light creating a direct contact with the courtyard and its natural vegetation.

The design of the house followed the standards of sustainable design, starting from the integration of a green roof and plenty of natural plants in the surrounding area. At the same time, the use of materials with a low energy production footprint such as wood and stone were a strategic choice from the beginning of the design. The use of thermal facades and thermal insulation windows ensured the lowest possible heat loss indoors. Finally, natural ventilation is empowered through openings on all sides of the building’s façade.

The dynamics of the relationship between the owner and the design team, significantly contributed to the final result of an inviting family residence. The balance of for function and aesthetics in an efficient space, the different needs of each family member, and a series of other parameters, are all reflected in the strong architectural form and with comfortable interiors for the many who will call it home.

Photography courtesy of A&M Architects

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- by Matt Watts