Esponda Studio by Arquitectura ERRE

Esponda Studio is a tiny apartment located in Mexico City, Mexico, recently designed by Arquitectura ERRE.

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Esponda Studio It takes advantage of an unused space, giving it a spatial flexibility that allows its diversification, turning it into a space for meditation and work through neutral tones.
Developed during the beginning of the pandemic, Esponda Studio was born as an intervention to the original space with the purpose of taking advantage of an unused place, giving it a spatial flexibility that allows its use in different ways.
The double height space gives you a significant enlargement hand in hand with an increase in natural lighting, which propels your new image.

Being a small space in m2, it was sought to generate a space that met the necessary requirements to be versatile.
It was achieved through a design that proposes a variety of options for use. In this way, it can be used in different ways to provide all kinds of opportunities for its users.

The relationship through views of the outdoor garden with walkers and the intervention of the last 2 years allows natural lighting and ventilation throughout the place. The connection with the gardens is very important to highlight the natural factor of the space. The objective of achieving a synergy with nature is revealed through an architectural adaptation that unites the space with the gardens.

The room and meeting space enhance interaction, casual and formal encounters through a well-designed place to adapt to any type of situation. It is very useful to have this opportunity because in this way the objective of having different options within the same place is achieved.

Stairs specially designed to reach a loft where there is a private office that offers the opportunity of a space for concentration or exclusive work that achieves an important harmony for the user.

The S-shaped table is part of the study design, it is practical and mobile. It also has the ability to place any type of work item for any type of use. These types of materials are key to the success of the space because they allow the different uses displayed for the user. The extension of different options to vary the type of use that is given to the place is extremely important in adapting to the new world trend.

Photography by Giancarlo Graziani

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- by Matt Watts