Flat 2 by Unnamed Studio

Flat 2 is a small eclectic apartment located in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, designed in 2021 by Unnamed Studio.

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We first got to the site of the future building at the very beginning of 2021. The client, a friend of mine, had bought a 46 sq.m flat in a new business-class building.

At first, he was completely unsure of what he wanted, except for one thing: it had to be something new and different from all the other projects we had seen so far.

These thoughts inspired me to take a non-trivial approach to design. After several sketches, my team and I decided to make the most of the 46 square meters: the layout was divided into private and public areas, and storage spaces were placed so as not to lose usable space.

After presenting the idea and sketches to the client (who was delighted), we started the detailed design process.

The budget was limited, so we looked for different manufacturers, different discounts, and some of the furniture we picked up at flea markets. We have a good attitude towards environmental-friendly design, and we try to incorporate sustainability into our projects. For example, for the living room, I found a recycled carpet from an old fabric from Armenia (where I was born).

The main material for the walls was micro concrete, while the floor was micro cement in the public area (we made it white by mixing cement, calcium carbonate, and chalk) and ash parquet in the private area.

Painted MDF was chosen as the kitchen’s main material. The bathroom was decided in a monochrome yellow shade, in a manner already familiar to me and my studio. In general, all the color schemes are inspired by the work of the American artist John Baldessari, who has strongly influenced my artistic language.

I would like to pay particular attention to the wardrobe. The fact is that in addition to design and architecture, I’m also working on my first collection of furniture in non-trivial materials on the verge of contemporary art (the release will be on my Instagram in the next couple of days). The “fabric wardrobe” (as I called it) is one of the pieces of furniture in this collection.

In its concept, I’ve combined the functionality and aesthetics of modular transformable furniture at the owner’s request. And at the end of the day, touching my furniture is a damn good feeling!

Photography courtesy of Unnamed Studio

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- by Matt Watts