8 Tips for Making Your Living Room Look Elegant

Your living room is the life of your house, and it needs to be comfortable enough to accommodate family, friends, and guests. Fortunately, you do not have to overspend to make this space luxurious, as all you need are strategic upgrades. Here are eight tips for making your living room look elegant.

1. Use creative textiles

A simple but effective way of decorating your living room is by incorporating some textiles. Some of the most popular options to consider are luxury throw blankets, decorative pillows, small-sized layering rugs, and table cloths. The only rule to abide by is to opt for nice designs that complement your room’s general theme.

2. Upgrade your flooring

If your old floor has become outdated or shabby, it may be time to update it. There are many flooring ideas you can choose from, but be sure to choose a material that reflects the decor and ambiance of your house. The experts behind Stories Flooring recommend engineered wood floors, which can transform your space with a durable feel and a wide range of finishes, or solid wooden floors which are hardwearing, gorgeous, and a true investment that’ll last forever. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a little softer, opt for carpet or luxury vinyl tiles.

You can choose tiles from Amber for durable and easy maintenance flooring, reclaimed floors for an elegant look, or vinyl flooring for beauty and easy maintenance.

3. Large rugs

Roll out a large rug in your living room to instantly transform it from boring to exciting. If you have pets and kids, you could skip the expensive, easily damaged wool or faux rug and go for a less expensive jute rug. Go the extra mile and consider rugs as an option for upgrading other rooms, such as accentuating your home office floors.

4. Use metallics

Elegance and metallics go hand-in-hand, making them a great addition to your living room. You could opt for a metallic mirror on your wall, get light fixtures with metal finishes, or a fancy decorative item for convenient placement in that dull corner.

5. Focus on window-treatment

A good window treatment is almost guaranteed to make your living room look and feel expensive. You could opt to use natural light to your advantage by settling for sheer white curtains or get creative by playing around with exciting curtain colors. The general rule is to never go for short curtains, as they always look cheap and out of place.

6. Add lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are a quick way to change the feel of your living room without having to do any major overhaul. Say goodbye to a dull space by going for pendant lights, adding dimmer switches, or adding floor or table lamps. You could also embrace the layered lighting concept if you are willing to spend more to create the perfect ambiance at a little more cost.

7. Feature some antiques

Similar to metallics, antiques have an allure that will give your living room a classic look. You can go for several items, including sculptures, lamps, mirrors, or picture frames.

8. Go for decorative molding

Give your living room a high-end look by improving your interior architecture using decorative molding. Moldings exist in various forms and each is designed for a specific purpose, such as offering a visual transition at the junction of two walls or framing a door. Shop around for molding decorations that suit your style and give your house a stylish look.

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We spend a lot of time in the living and you should take steps to make it look elegant and feel comfortable. Invest in your living room to make it extra functional and appealing by using these tips to give it a tasteful touch.

- by Matt Watts