Red Apartment by Koot Bureau

Red apartment is a modern home of 45 sqm located in Lviv, Ukraine, recently designed by Koot Bureau.

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Red is an apartment with a modern interior, located not far from downtown Lviv, Ukraine. On 45m2 Koot bureau managed to place a spacious bedroom, kitchen-dining room, corridor with wardrobe room and bathroom.

In the original layout, the space between the kitchen and the wardrobe room was one. After dividing them, we managed to get a separate storage room with an area of almost 3 m2. To visually expand space in the corridor and allow the sun rays to reflect on less
illuminated surfaces, the designer came up with a mirror wall with sliding doors to the wardrobe room. The spare wardrobe room made it possible to cut out the closet in the bedroom and save extra square meters.

This lovely little apartment boasts an extremely bold color scheme. Contrast plays the role of the main artistic technique in the interior. The dominant white palette is enriched by the red color, which is the leitmotif in all rooms and provides a feeling of a single continuous and integral space. Bright and expressive color attracts attention, it excites, invigorates, gives energy and a cheerful atmosphere. Moreover, it is the color that helps to divide the space inside the rooms into functional zones. The accent spot in the bedroom is the round, white-framed mirror placed on a contrasting red wall. And in the kitchen, it is an area with plants that stand in a special “planter”.

The customer’s goal was to create an apartment for rent. This affected the design process in such a way that coating materials in this case should be durable and easy to care for, and the design – universal, multifunctional, relevant, and to attract attention. The target audience of the customer was young, open-minded, and energetic people, so we designed an interior that can reflect the personality of its future residents.

Photography by Andy Shustykevych

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- by Matt Watts