5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

Moving can be exhausting and time-consuming. You have to spend a lot of time packing and organizing, which is why you should hire a moving company on the big day. Professional movers will simplify your moving process, make the moving day run smoothly, and free up your time so that you can focus on other activities. Read on for five factors you should consider when hiring a moving company.

1. Individual needs

The first thing you should consider when choosing and hiring a moving company is your individual needs. You should ensure that the moving company you hire meets your needs and can accommodate all your belongings. To determine whether the company you are hiring is the right fit, you should consider;

– Whether the company, such as the Osmon Moving and Storage, can provide extra packing supplies
– Whether the moving truck can accommodate your things while abiding by the physical size and constraints of your possessions
– Whether the moving services are available during your scheduled moving dates

2. Licensing and Insurance

Anyone can buy a truck and brand themselves as a moving company or a vehicle transport company. You should ascertain that the company you intend to hire is licensed and insured to avoid moving company fraud.

Ascertaining that a moving company is licensed is not a complex process. If your move involves transferring from more than one state, you should visit the United States department of transportation website and find the company’s DOT number. For an in-state move, check the license database to verify the company’s insurance and license status.

Determining that a company is insured and licensed helps protect your property and makes seeking compensation easy if your property is damaged on transit.

3. Recommendations and referrals

The best way to find and hire a reliable moving company is by seeking recommendations from trusted friends, relatives, and neighbors who have used moving services before. While reviews on a moving company’s website are an excellent place to start your search, they can easily be fabricated. Asking for referrals from a trusted person who has first-hand experience with a moving company can provide valuable insights that you may not find online.

4. Customer service

You can determine the reliability and efficiency of a moving company by the quality of their customer care services. Since you entrust strangers with your most valuable possessions, you need to choose a moving company you can trust.

One way to gauge the effectiveness of a company’s customer service is accessibility on various communication platforms, including emails, mobile phones, and in-person consultation. Pay close attention to how the customer service team responds to your questions.

5. Budget

Although you should not base your choice for a reliable moving company solely on price, you need to ensure that the services are within your budget. Most moving companies charge depending on the number of movers and time taken. You could also incur additional costs for packing supplies. Hire a company with affordable and transparent rates, especially on the constitutes of extra fees.


Hiring professional movers allows you to pass off the responsibility of moving, giving you peace of mind. Consider individual needs, insurance and licensing, customer service, and your budget to hire a reliable moving company.

- by Matt Watts