Folding Studio Apartment by Kreatif Design

Folding Studio Apartment is a tiny modern home located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, designed in 2021 by Kreatif Design.

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This project was about equipping one of the littlest studios in Ljubljana. This tiny apartment with a perfect interior is suitable for a young couple or a single individual and is meant for long-term renting. Despite it being a studio apartment (kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and living room all in one room), the client wished for the studio to offer separate functions.

In larger apartments, separation can be achieved by partitioning the walls, but not in this case. The only way to separate the space was by implementing folding elements. As a result, the kitchen can be used only by folding the bed first, thus avoiding unpleasant odors on the bedding. Despite the small space, it is possible to have up to three guests over to watch a football match or play a card game. Everything in the apartment is the result of a functional layout. All kitchen elements are in a straight line, and at the end of it, there are the dryer and washing machine. At the entrance, there is a coat and shoe closet. The wardrobe-like closet is next to the dining table.

The dark furniture, oak details, and parquet make the apartment exceptionally elegant. It is an unusual but extraordinarily aesthetic combination. The light coming in through the large windows further emphasizes the sophistication of the black furniture. The only separated space is the bathroom, which offers a standard-size shower and enough storage space (aesthetically hidden behind the mirror). Where possible, there is additional ambient lighting, which is protected by the glass for more even lighting and easier maintenance.

The lights are positioned on the sides and the top of the mirror – similar to professional make-up studio mirrors. However, we put some all around the room. When not lit, they look like black aesthetic lines on the ceiling and when turned on, they light up the entire space. This apartment is proof that no matter how small the space and low the resources: it is all about a good design. Smallness is no longer a synonym for uselessness but rather an opportunity for challenges.

Photography courtesy of Kreatif Design

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- by Matt Watts