Pan-00 by Atelierzero

Pan-00 is a minimalist apartment in Milan, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by Atelierzero.

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The project involves completely renovating a small apartment overlooking Milan’s Darsena.

To enhance the privileged view offered by two large French windows onto the surrounding urban landscape, it was decided to fully open the living room and kitchen, making them in fact a single environment.

The living room wall and the kitchen wall perpendicular to it become a scenic backdrop that delimits the living area, separating it from the more private areas of the house.

The entrance closet, the suspended cabinet, the full-height door, the kitchen cabinets, the island and the wardrobes that define the window frames are all custom-designed elements, which guarantee a large storage capacity in a relatively small space.

One of the main requests was in fact the maximum rationalization of the storage spaces for reasons of space and general order.

The same attention to detail is also found in the bedroom, where the bed can slide along the low cabinet that acts as a bedside table, creating different possible scenarios.

Here are also found full-height wardrobes framing the window, an well-defined area that actually becomes a small but very capacious walk-in closet.

In the bathroom, the protagonist is the custom-made monolithic washbasin, made with the Wooden Light marble also used as a cladding for the floor and walls of the walk-in shower.

The palette of neutral and relaxing colors and materials chosen for the apartment enhances the natural light that floods the space.

Photography by Simone Furiosi

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- by Matt Watts