6 Home Maintenance Tasks That Prevent Costly Damage and Repairs

Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities. Home maintenance is one of the most important and requires your full attention. By taking proper care of your home, you will ensure you and your family are living in a safe and functional home while saving money in the process. Home damages and safety hazards can be quite costly repairs that can significantly increase if not taken care of on time.

Also, regular maintenance will directly increase the value of your home in case you ever decide to sell it.

While there are home maintenance services you can count on to take care of any home breakdowns, there are some things you can do yourself to ensure your house is in great condition.

Here is a list of six home maintenance tasks that prevent costly damages and repairs.

Gutter cleaning and repair

Gutter cleaning and repairs are among the most important maintenance tasks. In general, the main purpose of the gutters is to collect rainwater that falls on your roof and divert it away from your house without causing any harm. Otherwise, clogged gutters can lead to serious and costly problems such as leaky roofs and cracked foundations. So, cleaning your gutters regularly should never be overlooked.
If your gutters aren’t working properly or are outdated, you can schedule a free in-home consultation with professional services like Local Home Pro, so you can get a tailored estimate for your home project. They will also help you find qualified professionals in your community, so you can be sure that the person working on your gutters has the experience and knowledge to do the job properly.

Repair plumbing leaks

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, fixing leaky faucets or other common household plumbing leaks could save homeowners about 10% on their water bills. If water leaks or bursts, it can cause significant damage to your home’s walls, floors, and foundation, leading to costly repairs that can reach thousands of dollars.

While a leaky faucet is easy to spot and repair, there are other types of leaks you need to be on the lookout for such as water heater leaks, pipe leaks, humidifier leaks, and evaporative cooler leaks, just to name a few.

Check the bathroom and kitchen caulk

Kitchens and bathrooms have caulking whose main purpose is to prevent water from getting into the cracks and crevices around tubs and sinks. In case water is infiltrated, mold can easily grow, especially in areas near tubs and showers.

Besides this, infiltrating water can also cause wood rot underneath the structural framing. Re-caulking old or mildewed caulking is a simple home repair you can do with just a few tools and inexpensive materials.

Otherwise, you’d be looking at serious damages such as rotten flooring, wall joists, and studs, all of which require professional and costly repairs.

Clean and seal outdoor decking

Since your deck is exposed to various elements year-round, regular maintenance is key to its longevity. If you want to keep your decking in great shape, you need to take care of it properly.

Luckily, deck maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right cleaning products and tools, you can completely transform the appearance of your decking and keep it functional for years to come.

For example, giving it a thorough cleaning at least once a year can help keep your decking in great condition. The annual washing of your deck will rejuvenate it, preserve its integrity, and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Inspect for termites and other bugs

Termites can do extensive damage to your home before you even realize it. They eat wood from within, making it difficult to spot their presence unless you know what to look out for. Everything will appear solid and sturdy until it begins to fall completely or list to one side.

While there are many pest control companies that offer professional home termite inspections, you can also check for termites and other bugs yourself to prevent costly repairs later on. Make sure you watch out for wood damages, and mud in construction joints or places that can harbor termites.

Check exterior paint and siding

Your exterior paint keeps your house looking sharp in a number of ways. It keeps water away from your home and prevents structural components below from being damaged. Therefore, looking for dry, chalky, flaking, or peeling paint is another task you should include in your home maintenance checklist.

For example, if you are handy, you can sand and repaint small areas yourself such as trim around doors or windows. For more complex jobs, you should seek professional painters to help you do the repairs for you. While these professionals might charge you a couple of thousands of dollars, they will do a much better job and prevent water or pests from causing more damage to your property.

Final thoughts

Homeowners need to focus on regular maintenance to ensure their home is safe and functional. While there are some maintenance tasks that require professional assistance, there are other ones you can do on your own to protect yourself from costly repairs later on.

Just follow the checklist from our post and keep your home in top condition all year round.

Photography by Sieuwert Otterloo and Francesca Tosolini

- by Matt Watts