RBLSK213 by Anait Danielian

RBLSK213 is a beautiful contemporary apartment located in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed in 2021 by Anait Danielian of Danielian Bureau.

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The main goal was to create a city apartment with an intimate atmosphere and level of comfort like a five-star hotel. The apartment layout is perfect for realizing this concept: a two-level space with terraces in each store.

Planning structure

The family often gathers with friends – it’s an integral part of life. So the whole planning structure of the apartment is subordinated to this lifestyle.

Based on these principles, we divided the apartment into two functional zones: a private zone for family life on the first level and a mixed-use area with a family parties zone on the second level.

The apartment has a stunning panorama of the Dnipro river and the recreation area of Trukhanov island. So we took it into account working on the planning structure. Rooms of the first level are oriented in a such way as to have the Riverview on residential premises and a courtyard view on household premises.

The second floor is a mixed-used area for families’ everyday life and friends’ reception. Here is a kitchen, dining area, living room area, a large terrace, and a guest bathroom. The second-floor deck is the main apartment’s highlight and a perfect place for evenings with family and friends. There is an open kitchen, BBQ, large dining table, and a cozy seating area with a fireplace.

A large kitchen was a priority in the functional zoning of the mixed-used area. We provided a lot of space for cooking and kitchen stuff storage.

The dining table is custom-made and designed by Danielian Bureau. The main issue with it was to find an optimal shape and size 8 people can sit behind it in comfortable chairs. Everyday comfort is a priority in decision-making.

An important point in designing was to create a space that is always organized and tidy. The absence of visual noise is an important part of everyday comfort. This can be achieved when each item has its place. So we provided a separate dressing room and utility room with laundry.

The master bedroom is functionally divided into a sleeping area and a working zone with access to the private terrace. A child’s room is a private playing world, interesting for any age. The large two-level bed has an option to transform in the future. To create a fabulous atmosphere in the nursery, we chose lighting with the remote color control.

Color and design solutions

There are no bright colors in the interior, according to the client`s wishes, but there are bright contrasts and active details that attract attention. The color scheme is cold with bright contrasts: dark wood color, black lamps, electrical fittings, and accessories. A restrained color scheme, many mirrors, cabinets in the color of the walls – all this creates a feeling of space and light in relatively small rooms.

The feature and highlight of the project is the art

Two sculptures of the contemporary Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk are integrated into space to create different design effects. The sculpture “Through” greets guests at the entrance and sets the tone and mood not only for the entrance area but also for the apartment as a whole. It welcomes and directs the viewer immediately upstairs. A small sculpture “Space around” in the living room complements the composition of the rest area.

The bedroom space is supplemented by the painting of Ukrainian artist Alyona Kuznetsova.

Photography courtesy of Danielian Bureau

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- by Matt Watts