K4 Apartment by Zrobim Architects

K4 Apartment is a modern minimalist home located in Minsk, Belarus, redesigned in 2022 by Zrobim Architects.

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The architects harmoniously combine the modern minimalist design and history of 1950s-era building in the central part of the city. They kept the arched windows and ceiling height of 3 meters to maintain the historical context.

ZROBIM architects redesigned an 65-square-meters three-room apartment with a small kitchen into a peaceful, clean space for a young family. Architects decided to change the layout by making two medium-sized rooms out of the three small ones: a combined kitchen-living room space and a bedroom with its own closet.

The clients of this project are a young couple who lead an active lifestyle, do not spend much time at home and do not cook much. In this regard, their main desire was a bright minimalistic interior with a compact and cozy kitchen, which will be pleasant to spend time and minimize cooking. The refrigerator is elegantly disguised under the white fronts of the kitchen cabinets, and the cooktop is hidden in one of the drawers. This method allows clients to save a lot of space on the worktop in the kitchen.

ZROBIM architects competently use the architectonics of the building. The shape of the windows is supported by the soft rounded shapes of the furniture, making the interior very holistic.

In addition to the small kitchen, another feature of the apartment is the sliding interior doors, which have not only an aesthetic function. The customers have a cat, which needed to provide unobstructed movement around the apartment and access to the litter box. The door with a foam sliding system was ideal for this task.

Therefore, as a result of teamwork with the client, ZROBIM were able to create a comfortable, aesthetic interior that reflects the character and lifestyle of its inhabitants. The architects managed to realize the visualized idea of the project as accurately as possible.

Photography by Sergey Pilipovich

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- by Matt Watts