Diagonale by llabb

Diagonale is a contemporary apartment located in Genoa, Italy, designed in 2017 by llabb.

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In this renovation we were confronted with a particularly timely theme: contemporary living in structures built more than a century ago. This apartment, located in Circonvallazione a monte in Genoa, dates back to the early 1900s and its spatial structure reflects the living of that period; large living area with fine finishes, sleeping area and technical services (including kitchen) carved out in small spaces. The former face the street to the northwest, while the smaller, mortised spaces face south, overlooking the city and Portofino mountain.

The intervention thus overpowered the layout of the apartment, reversing the living area with the sleeping area. The two areas are separated by a long diagonal (equipped with a retractable kitchen) that runs through the dining room and living room. For the new living area, it was decided to create a contemporary environment, working on the cleanliness of the lines. On the other hand, fine finishes were maintained in the sleeping area, emphasizing the difference in intervention.

The new direction is accentuated by the presence of a lighting element installed on the ceiling and the warping of the new parquet flooring. These lines accompany the visitor from the entrance to the hall which, through its full-height French doors, creates a perceptual continuity with the outdoor landscape.

Photography by Anna Positano

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- by Matt Watts