The Impact of Advanced Printing Technologies on Interior Design

Print technology transformed our world into a canvas where we can capture experiences and our memories. Our homes feel no different where art forms and breathtaking designs take an important place to share their narrative and speak of their glories. Thanks to advancement in printing technology that made it possible to reimagine beautiful and magnificent designs.

Over the years, print technology has expanded its footprints from capturing decent photography to revolutionizing marketing, packaging, and press. And now it is making a way into our home interior to fulfill our desires and never satisfying crave for visually stunning masterpieces. It is why there is a huge demand for printed decor, crafts, arteriors, minimalist lightings and accessories that represent the progress in print technology to make home improvement a joy.

“The demand for decor prints for home and business remodeling has increased tremendously over the years. Thanks to rapidly advancing technologies, printed art also gets incorporated into the most prestigious projects,” says Gevorg Hambardzumyan, CEO of the sign printing company Square Signs.

Over the years we have witnessed how print technology has been phenomenal to shape our future. It is clearly visible how we perceive things around – here are some positive impact it has on our interiors:

Bringing Imagination to life

If you can dream it, you can print it. With the rise of low cost print materials, stunning art pieces, and furniture that are not manufactured but printed, millennials can go beyond imagination to make their home an abode of luxury and comfort. Right from printed wall panels, wallpapers, glass facades, fabrics, printed upholstery, and unconventional looking furniture, there are endless possibilities to experiment and find the perfect match. And it is all possible with the advent of new generation digital printing and large format printing techniques that enables people to illustrate their stories or personality in a surprising and humorous way.

The Ability to Create Your Personal Touch

Want something contemporary, or something vintage? How about something bold, modern, and seamless? Printed graphics, wall decals, posters, banners, creative signs, floor and wall panels, there are dozens of impressive choices and hundreds of beautiful combinations to experiment and make any space look extraordinary. Whether a residential, or commercial project, printed decorative material and accessories have versatile options to fit into every kind of project. In this era, where everything is simulated, replicated, or is inspired by something pre-existing, the pursuit to stay original and unique can be attained by creating your own legacy. And print technology gives you wings to fly. Homeowners, or brands can personalize their spatial setting with useful solutions in a creative distinct way that looks like no other.

Improvement in Designs

The availability of innovative modeling tools and sophisticated printing technology allows designers to fill the gap between conceptualization and production phases. Having such superior technology in hand offers designers the creative freedom to bring designs to life that are truly ingenious. And thus providing homeowners the options to create not just aesthetic but functional spaces.

The selections are countless varying in terms of design, sizes, and material choices. Printed photo, decals, wall arts, backdrops, corporate signs, posters, and 3d letterings, the technology has been brilliant to adapt to ever changing and never ending human aspiration. There is something for everything that is made possible by tremendous improvement in print framework and enhanced product designing methodology. People are looking for personalized touch to their interior and discover things that represent their lifestyle and taste. With the new print technology in line, designers can make specific changes to design and material to match the vivid choice of the clients.

Stylish Home are Affordable Than Ever

Earlier interior designs circled around costly statement pieces and luxury fine arts that people use to incorporate into their living rooms. Homes were purely built from a decorative point of view with no scope of personalization. Creating such ambiance and atmosphere was not only expensive but it does not offer any framework to homeowners to match to their personal taste and style.

The innovation in print technology assisted printing significantly reduced cost and development time to build unique & exquisite pieces. These statement pieces are not just dainty items but are enormous houses that are actually printed. Equipped with fine modeling techniques and efficient design process, everything is structured, built, assembled, and installed reducing cost up to 60%. And thus making the interior design more affordable than over. Homeowners can build smart homes with printed wall panels, floorings, lighting, furnishing without spending a fortune. And these homes look ravishing and absolutely stylish.

The New Face of Sustainability

Printing is believed to make our lives better by adopting new techniques that are faster, better, and cheaper. It is not only impacting the way we design our homes but it is also helping in reducing waste that affects our environment. Replacing old techniques with best practices and standard techniques overcome the lapses in the building process and thus elevates the efficiency and feasibility in the design process. This enhanced nature of the design process solves our modern challenges of waste production, CO2 emission, energy consumption and its impact on the environment.

Authenticity in Designs

One of the downsides of picking accessories that were ready-made and mass produced is – they lack the originality. These pieces are boring and do not have the characteristic to seize attention and amaze guests. This is a drawback that makes more and more people hire designers and pay handsome amounts to create the atmosphere that reflects their mood, or simply reveal their brand story to the customers.

Technology has an overarching impact on every aspect of our lives. Our lifestyle has changed drastically, focused on luxury, meticulous details, and richness in visuals. Admittedly print technology has been iconic to go beyond and over its true characteristic to shape our spaces in a stellar form of an art.

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- by Matt Watts