Why Homebuilders Should Recommend Heat Pumps in Today’s Economy

If there is one thing today’s homebuilders know, it would be that a majority of homebuyers have similar points of interest when searching for a new build. Not only are they looking for a specific number of rooms and are quite picky about the neighbourhoods that they would consider moving to, the one thing that most homebuyers have in common is energy efficiency. With that in mind, homebuilders are working closely with architects to ensure that every home they build has all the features of a sustainable, or energy efficient home. This is why they should be recommending the type of home heating systems that are the most energy-efficient on the market today. That would be heat pumps that work on heat exchanger technology and cost little to operate!

Especially Important in Newer Homes

One of the things which most new homes share in common is that they are, for all intents and purposes, air tight. Whilst this is good for keeping heat in, traditional central heating still costs way more than most people can afford or would like to pay. However, there is another downside to being airtight. This means that stale air is being continually circulated in the interior, and that isn’t at all healthy for people or the home’s structure.

Today’s advanced Panasonic heat pumps come in several options. One of the types of heat pumps they manufacture offers the ability to bring in fresh air from the outside. These have ventilation capabilities. While it is the heat exchanger that offers cost-effective operation, fresh air brought in helps to prevent many of the illnesses associated with stale air.

More Than Just Energy-Efficient Heat!

As mentioned above, today’s newer homes have been sealed tightly to keep the cost of heating a home lower. Even at those lower rates, however, they can’t compare with the minimal cost of operating a heat pump recovery system. Also as mentioned, older central heating systems don’t provide fresh, clean air, so a heat pump with ventilation capabilities offers more than just energy-efficient heat.

The health risks associated with stale air are too many to list, but suffice it to say that mould spores, dog dander and allergens can become a problem in that type of unit as well. So, beyond the savings you realise in energy efficient heat pumps, think about those days lost at work due to lung and upper respiratory ailments that could have been avoided with fresh air and low humidity. In fact, some models even heat water for use in the home! How energy efficient is that? What you need is an all-in-one heat pump that provides hot water as well as warm air for the home!

Architecturally Preferable

There is one last very important reason why homebuilders should recommend heat pumps when working on plans for new builds with homebuyers. These units have low impact on their surroundings, meaning they are small and whisper quiet. There is both an outside and inside unit, but they both have a small footprint, not interfering with the architectural home design. If the savings and health benefits weren’t already enough to captivate your interest, the low impact on your architectural design is something to look forward to. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the most energy-efficient all-in-one heat and ventilation source in your neighbourhood without detracting from the elegance created with your builder’s architects? You will be the envy of your neighbours, unless of course they have heat pump technology as well.

- by Matt Watts