House Zero by Lake|Flato Architects

Situated in Austin, Texas, House Zero is the first project of ICON’s Exploration Series, a series of homes designed with world-class architects that explore the creative possibilities of large-scale 3D printing. This single-family house, designed by the award-winning firm, Lake|Flato Architects, is 2,000+ sq-ft (185.8 sq-m) and features a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home and a 350 sq-ft (32.5 sq-m), 1 bedroom/1 bath accessory dwelling unit.

Boasting a unique 3d printed wall system, House Zero is an energy efficient, climate-responsive structure that provides both flexibility and permanence, perfect for families looking to settle down in one of America’s most beloved cities.

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About House Zero

Inventing Architecture: ICON’s House Zero Sets Standard for 3D Printing

Pioneering advanced construction technologies and large-scale 3D printing robotics, ICON has set the standard for what 3D printing can bring to the world with their “House Zero” project. Designed by award-winning firm, Lake|Flato Architects, known for their sustainable designs, the digitally native approach to home design pushes the boundaries of what is possible with architecture.

2,000+ Square Foot Home and Accessory Dwelling Unit

The home measures 2,000+ square feet (185.8 square meters) and features three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms. Additionally, an accessory dwelling unit of 350 square feet (32.5 square meters) contains one bedroom and one bathroom. ICON’s resilient 3D-printed wall system replaces a building system traditionally made up of multiple steps, saving time, waste, and cost.

Lavacrete Walls Provide Thermal Mass

The walls of the home are made with a proprietary cementitious-based material dubbed “Lavacrete”, insulation, and some steel for reinforcing. Lavacrete provides thermal mass that slows heat transfer into the home and the combination of thermal mass, increased insulation, and an airtight wall increases the energy efficiency and reduces lifecycle costs.

Exploration Series: Homes to Develop New Design Languages

“House Zero” is the first project within ICON’s Exploration Series—homes to cooperatively develop new design languages and architectural vernaculars with world-class architects based on the opportunities created by construction scale 3D printing.

Connecting Inhabitants to Native Texas Landscape

A climate-responsive new home, “House Zero” connects its inhabitants to a native Texas landscape and an evolving Austin neighborhood fabric. Built for permanence and resilience, the plan allows for the flexibility of ever-evolving patterns of living and aging-in-place that a family experiences over the course of a lifetime.

Photography courtesy of Lake|Flato Architects

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- by Matt Watts